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EduDoc+ is a groundbreaking new teaching resource for Genocide/Holocaust Curricula, now required in 20 U.S. States.  The list is growing!  While there are vast resources available to teach about the Holocaust that tragically claimed the lives of 6-million Jews, teaching tools for other genocides are not as accessible. EduDoc+ is changing that.  We're developing curricula with a focus on Namibia and the 2nd Reich, Armenia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Sudan, Cambodia, Tasmania and more.

EduDoc+ is unique.  It combines a full-length documentary with a thoroughly engaging, fully researched e-course for grades 11-12, suitable for in-class, remote or hybrid learning.  It is also available to colleges, universities, Adult Continuing Education Classes, libraries and Historical Museums.  When students connect with history and humanity, they can better understand their role in it. They'll grasp the value of empathy and respect for cultures other than their own. They'll examine issues of intervention and prevention.  (AP students may be eligible for college credit upon course completion).

Rwanda is Our First Course, Launching Fall 2021

Our EduDoc+ e-course, Somebody’s Child: The Redemption of Rwanda is based on the award-winning documentary film of the same title.  Shot on location in Rwanda, Africa, the full length film is the foundation of this course and will teach students what genocide is, how and why it happened, and how Rwanda is recovering and thriving decades later.

What makes this an outstanding must-have course?

  • Visually stunning, the film and e-course will keep students engaged and inspire a passion for learning with content from Reuters, BBC, Bloomberg, CBS News and Amnesty International.  It will encourage a spirit of collaborative understanding and critical thinking.  Students will learn to become global citizens and understand the value of honoring and respecting other cultures.
  • Instructors can now expand their educational resources for teaching Holocaust/Genocide topics. The course is well suited for in-class, remote or hybrid learning.
  • It is a large scale colorful interactive academic program, that can be accessed from any web-based browser on any platform and any device (laptop, desktop, cell phone, iPad/tablet, etc.)
  • Our content challenges students to engage in reflective learning, which is transformative and critically important to comprehension.
  • The film and e-course are affordable!  12 fully researched lessons and 5 quizzes, to help teachers monitor student progress.  Your Public Performance License is renewable annually.
EduDoc+ is a groundbreaking new teaching resource for Genocide/Holocaust Curricula, now required in 20 U.S. States.  The list is growing!

Course Reviews & Testimonials

Somebody’s Child is a deeply engaging, dynamic and interactive course, that teaches students about the Rwandan genocide in a way that touches hearts, minds, and spirits.Its powerful content reminds us that losing sight of others’ humanity can have significant and potentially dangerous consequences. Students who take this course will engage upon an educational experience that will remain with them, for the rest of their lives.

Katherine Helm, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Programs in Counseling
Professor of Psychology,
Lewis University

Eye-opening and mind blowing is how I would describe “Somebody’s Child: The Redemption of Rwanda”. This course greatly increased my knowledge of the history of the Rwandan genocide and sparked a desire to expand on this knowledge. Students will be highly engaged through organized lessons comprised of interactive text, quizzes, and a captivating film that teaches both history and the impact of inhumanity.

Amelia Whittington
IBM Client Executive, retired


See what people are saying about the documentary “Somebody’s Child: The Redemption of Rwanda”

EduDoc+ is a groundbreaking new teaching resource for Genocide/Holocaust Curricula, now required in 20 U.S. States.  The list is growing!

“Somebody’s Child reaches deeper into the Rwanda tragedy than we’ve gone before. This is a mother-to-mother account of humanity’s worst nightmare.  Its professional, emotional storytelling captivates and illuminates an event the world is still trying to understand.  Middlebrooks adds another layer toward that goal, and we are in her debt.”

Bill Kurtis
Host NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, Former Host A&E’s American Justice, Cold Case Files, Investigative Reports 

"Somebody's Child:  The Redemption of Rwanda" is a powerfully moving statement of hope arising from one of the worst tragedies in living memory.  It's a gripping film that captures the soul and suffering of a beautiful people and points the way back to forgiveness for all of us.  Congratulations to Felicia Middlebrooks for telling a story we need to hear and telling it so well.

The late Harold Ramis

Filmmaker “Caddyshack”, “Ghost Busters”, “Groundhog Day” “The Ice Harvest”, “Analyze This”, “Stripes”, “Year One”

“Given its recent history, Rwanda should be one of the most ruined countries in the world today.  Instead, it is bursting with hope and enthusiasm.  “Somebody’s Child” takes us inside the lives of ordinary Rwandans to tell the emotional story of how this country and its people—especially its women, have come to terms with the past and embraced the challenge of the future.”

Stephen Kinzer
Former Washington Post Foreign Correspondent, Former New York Times Correspondent,  and Author of National Bestsellers All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror, and A Thousand Hills:  Rwanda’s Rebirth and the Man Who Dreamed It

“Somebody’s Child:  The Redemption of Rwanda” is an amazing film that depicts Rwanda’s devastating past and shows hope for the future!  It clearly outlines the genocide, what events led up to this tragic occurrence and what has transpired since then.  This film, told from the hearts of Rwanda’s people, teaches us many important life lessons while looking toward a brighter future.”

Jack Hanna
Director Emeritus of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and animal expert

“Somebody’s Child” is a moving and beautiful portrait of the incredible resilience of the people of Rwanda.  Executive Producer Felicia Middlebrooks has given these incredible survivors of genocide a voice that they have long been searching for.  After watching this documentary, you will be encouraged to join the movement to rebuild Rwanda and put an end to the consequences of a massacre to which the world has turned a blind eye for much too long.”

Shaun Robinson
Former Anchor NBC’s Access Hollywood, Host 90-DayFiance, and Author Exactly As I Am  

“Somebody’s Child is a sensitive and in-depth look beyond the horror of genocide, into the deep power and spirit of Rwanda’s people that rises out of the evil.  Felicia Middlebrooks reminds us of a Rwanda too often forgotten and takes us beyond the stories and articles of yesterday, reminding us that life is stronger than death! It is brilliant, touching and not only shows us the surviving spirit of the Rwandan people, but causes us to challenge our own drive to survive in spite of.”  

Reverend Michael Pfleger
Community Activist and Pastor of Faith Community of Saint Sabina Church


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